Heritage Project 2021: Please share your experiences

Have you taken classes in University (formerly Deady) or Villard Halls? If you taught or held office hours in these buildings, how did the facilities impact your ability to work with students and help them succeed academically? Legislators need to hear about your experience!

The Heritage Project is a National Historic Landmark and consists of two of the oldest surviving public academic buildings in Oregon, University and Villard Halls. These are the founding buildings of the University of Oregon campus and the birthplace of public higher education in Oregon. The Heritage Project houses UO’s core STEAM programs—math, literary arts, and performing arts. Each year 7,000 students attend classes and perform in Heritage buildings and they house offices of 115 faculty members.

While The Heritage Project site is remarkable in its beauty and grandeur, the years have taken a toll--its buildings are crumbling and no longer meet the needs of today’s students.

This year, the UO is requesting $58.5 million to fund the Heritage Renovation Project. This investment will: 

  • Provide critical seismic, fire, and life safety upgrades
  • Make the facilities accessible to all students and compatible with modern technology and classroom learning
  • Preserve the architectural and historic significance of the site

Legislators need to hear about your experience! If you have a story about the following issues, please share it using this form so that we can show state leaders the importance of investing in this important project: 

  • The need for renovations, including renovations to make the building accessible for all
  • The importance of preserving the architectural and historic significance of the buildings
  • The lack of modern technology, inadequate desks, seating, and aisle size
  • The ways that temperature fluctuations and substandard conditions impacted your learning or the learning of fellow students 

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