See a legislator, say thank you

This letter to the editor was first published in The Register Guard on August 18, 2021. 

I was glad to see The R-G’s coverage of the town hall with state legislators at Alton Baker Park. I attended the event to hear from lawmakers about the recent legislative session and thank them for their work to support our community, including the University of Oregon. 

What I witnessed was a disheartening display of how frayed our democracy is. As a retired teacher and someone who believes in our civic institutions, I fully support debate and civic dialogue. What I saw was a sad testament of how disjointed our politics are. People may disagree with legislators’ decisions but should do so in a civic way. Sadly, as a result of this discourse I wasn’t able to thank Eugene area lawmakers for supporting the UO this session. 

As a retired music teacher and graduate of the UO’s School of Music and Dance, I often attend student performances and enjoy the rich cultural experiences that the UO affords our community. It’s hard to imagine what Eugene and Springfield would be like without it. 

Like all educational institutions, the pandemic hit UO hard, but legislators stepped up to provide funding and support students. If you see your legislator, tell them thank you. 

David Hattenhauer, Eugene

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