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The University of Oregon provides Oregonians and their peers from around the world access to an excellent education. We challenge our students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, and live ethically. We serve the people of Oregon, our nation, and the world through research, teaching, and outreach that benefits humanity, drives innovation, strengthens the economy, and transforms lives.

Without engagement from alumni and advocates like you, the UO would simply not be successful. When you talk to lawmakers, attend events, and keep up to date with our work at the state and federal levels, we all thrive.



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Latest News

  • Reflecting on a Rural Revolution

    First Published on the University of Oregon College Of Design Website on August 15th 2019. RARE celebrated 25 years July 27 at My Brothers' Farm in Creswell, Oregon As the sun set in the hills of Creswell, it cast long shadows silhouetting buzzing beehive boxes, apple and hazelnut trees, a herd ...

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  • HEDCO anniversary marks a decade of innovation and service

    First published in Around the O on August 12th. The celebration is scheduled for fall, but this summer officially marks the 10th anniversary of the HEDCO Education Building. Part of a $50.5 million construction project, the state-of-the-art facility has transformed the College of Education, creat...

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  • UO physicist receives a five-year DOE early career award

    First published in around the O on July 31st. Laura Jeanty’s search for new particles that may shed light on dark matter and explain why the Higgs Boson has the mass it does has landed the UO physicist five years of financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Early Career Research Prog...

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