The University of Oregon opened for classes in September of 1876 in Eugene, Oregon. Two years later the university graduated its first class of five, and another year later, those graduates gathered to form the University of Oregon Alumni Association. 

They did so because they quickly realized that alumni were the only permanent stakeholders with a vested interest in the long-term well-being of the UO—and the UO was not doing well, having accumulated nearly $8,000 in debt during its start up. 

The fledgling UOAA advocated for its alma mater, and was the voice of the alumni community to the UO. Members gathered for social and academic events that continued their commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth—a value learned at the UO. They were passionate about the UO because the education they received changed their lives. 

That passion not only attracted new dues-paying members to the UOAA, it also attracted community leaders, legislators, and others to become friends and supporters of the UO. The alumni community made the UO stronger; they saved it, retired its debt, and, most importantly, developed an organization that ensured that the alumni community could support its alma mater for years to come. 

The UOAA now counts more than 27,000 alumni and students as members in its ranks. These dues-paying members are the passionate Ducks in an alumni community of more than 231,000 who proudly express their pride, love, and affection for the UO by supporting the university’s alumni relations efforts. They recognize that their commitment to the UO is a two-way commitment, and that the relationship only starts at graduation.


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