UO Alumni in office

UO’s more than 231,000 alumni make an impact across the globe. Ducks are everywhere. They're leaders in business, industry, education, the arts, government. Many alumni even serve in public office today. Take a look at the Ducks currently in the Oregon Legislature and Congress.

Ducks in the Oregon Legislature



  • Lee Beyer, Democrat, Senate District 6, Springfield
    • University of Oregon, BS 1974 School of Architecture & Allied Arts (Major: Public Affairs)


  •  Ginny Burdick, Democrat, Senate District 18, Portland
    • University of Oregon, MA 1973 School of Journalism & Communications (Major: Journalism); Puget Sound, BA


  • Bill Hansell, Republican, Senate District 29, Athena 
    • University of Oregon, BS 1967 College of Arts and Sciences (Major: Political Science) 


  • Mark Hass, Democrat, Senate District 14, Beaverton 
    • University of Oregon, BS 1978 School of Journalism and Communications (Major: Journalism); American University, MA in Communications 


  • Arnie Roblan, Democrat, Senate District 5, Coos Bay
    • University of Oregon, Masters of Education 1983 College of Education (Major: Curriculum and Instruction); University of Washington, BA




  • Tina Kotek, Democrat, House District 44 - Speaker of the House
    • University of Oregon, BS 1990 College of Arts and Sciences (Major:Religious Studies)

Legislator Photo

  • Marty Wilde, Democrat, House District 11
    • University of Oregon, JD 1997 School of Law (Major: Law)


  • Chris Gorsek, Democrat, House District 49
    • University of Oregon, BS 1989 College of Arts and Sciences (Major: Political Science); University of Oregon, MA 1922 College of Arts and Sciences (Major: Geography); Portland State University, PhD                                                     


  • Diego Hernandez, Democrat, House District 47
    • University of Oregon, BA Political Science and Ethnic Studies, M.S.W, Portland State University                    


  • Paul Holvey, Democrat, House District 8
    • University of Oregon, Certificate Labor Education and Research Center, Lane Community College; Central Washington University


  • Nancy Nathanson, Democrat, House District 13
    • University of Oregon, BS 1975 College of Arts and Sciences (Major: Geography)

Legislator Photo

  • Courtney Neron, Democrat, House District 26
    • University of Oregon, BA 2001 College of Arts and Sciences (Major: French) 


  • Duane Stark, Republican, House District 4
    • University of Oregon, BS 2005 College of Arts and Sciences (Major:Psychology); Multnomah University


  • Brad Witt, Democrat, House District 31
    • University of Oregon, MA 1978 Graduate School (Major: IS: Industrial Relations); University of Massachusetts, BA

Ducks in DC


  • Senator Ron Wyden
    • University of Oregon, JD 1974 School of Law (Major: Law), Democrat


  • Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, Democrat, 1st District
    • University of Oregon, BA 1980 School of Journalism & Communication (Major: Journalism), JD School of Law (Major: Law) 


  • Congressman Greg Walden, Republican, 2nd District
    • University of Oregon, BS 1981 School of Journalism & Communication (Major: Journalism) 


  • Congressman Peter DeFazio, Democrat, 4th District
    • University of Oregon, MA 1977 Graduate School (Major: IS: Individualized Program)